At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it? —

Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings

#yesallwomen have a right to an education without fashion policing by sexist administrators

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Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep

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Every Person With Political Power

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Season 3B: Coyotes are tricksters, they’ll fool you. They’re insatiable.


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why do you hate malia so much... you dont know her life?????


make yo-self a cup of tea and sit down. This shit gonna be 50 shades of cray.


So let’s start with how she’s introduced as a were coyote… a fucking were-coyote. that is not a thing in mythology. Yeah i get that teen wolf makes up a lot of random-ass shit but there was no back-story, and the characters completely accepted were-coyotes with no explanation. just no. 


Then there’s her backstory… she’s killed 50% of her family… yeah everyone forgets that. After accidentally savaging them to death (!) she runs and hides in the forest. She spends the majority of her life in a cave secluded from society, being a fucking were-coyote. She can’t even control her powers… because why not.

And there’s her dad who loves her so much and has so much pain about her disappearance, but then she’s in a mental hospital, with the excuse that she finds it awksies being around her dad. AND after all that shit, he’s not really her dad. Her dad is PETER HALE! she’s a long lost relative! (Even though she’s a fucking were-coyote and he’s some sort of re-born psycho wolf)…Because her back-story wasn’t already fucking confusing. This is basically a shitty fanfic (my name was ebony cullen, i’m edwards long-lost sister, but we’ve found each other. I’m also a shape shifter, i’m dating jacob black, bella is my BFF, my favourite colour is midnight blue)


Then she shags stiles in the hospital… she would so be emotionally adapted, have the knowledge (she has lived in the forest since she was 8 but i’m sure some mushrooms gave her the sex talk) and capability of human reaction and intimacy to do that. And its so out of place in the episode. This is another shitty fanfic thing: instant random connection with popular character on the show (who she punched like the same day)

And after all that she decides she’s done with the hospital and just ups and leaves. (BTW the hospital staff either have no idea and a shitty patient record or are fine with this mentally ill feral child wandering off) *Welcome to Malia’s storyline folks it makes so much sense*


Now she attends Beacon Hills High, she’s gained all the knowledge normally absorbed over years of studies in a few short weeks. And social skills and knowledge about how to be a teen. As well as the ability to style her hair and clothes and do her makeup perfectly, because duh (don’t ask questions). It looks like she’s going to randomly be besties with Kira and Lydia because girls just form close relationships with any old supernatural creature/girl who shows up. She seems to be in Scott’s pack?? despite wanting to live the coyote life again?? She’s definitely being presented as a “on the good side” so why does she have such conflicting plans; why join high school if you want to live as a coyote?


And where is she living, the hospital? Her fake dad’s house? Stiles’ wardrobe?

 How did she catch-up with all the culture she missed, bitch will still be using cassettes??

What’s her relationship with Peter like? does she even fucking know her dad’s not her dad? Is she adopted? 

Why did her eyes flash if she can’t control her shifts? why hasn’t she killed more people if she just randomly shifts and goes murderous?

Does anyone give a fuck that he’s a fucking murdering damaged feral were-coyote who’s Derek’s cousin and has killed people TO DEATH!

Ugh whenever i think about her too much it gives me a headache and i’m like how are they going to fix all this shitty writing next season? They can’t have planned it like this? She was only in 3 episodes how can she be so confusing?


hope your tea didn’t get cold…

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Buying flowers for Remus is very punk rock, thank you very much. —Sirius Black to a thoroughly confused James Potter at some point. (via balletlockk)
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I don’t think you understand how much I love this

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Things I Will Never Be Over (Part 2)


  • Remus Lupin’s relationship with James Potter
  • Remus Lupin’s relationship with Sirius Black
  • Remus Lupin’s relationship with Lily Evans
  • Remus Lupin’s relationship with Harry Potter
  • Remus Lupin being bitten by Greyback because he was looking for revenge against his father
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