I love it when Tv shows have random guest apperiances for example:


On Hannha Montana:

Remember the Rock:


David Archuleta:


And Wizards of waverly place:

The rock once again




Cindy Crawford



When Drake randomly walked in, in one of the episodes was the best thing ever


Jack Black


Emma Stone



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once sirius and remus started dating during divination when they did tea leaf readings the professor at the time saw the grim in remus’ cup and he feigned ignorance like “what’s that?” “it’s a big black dog” and he just pretends to take it seriously like “hmm thank you for alerting me. how soon in the future do you think this will happen? tonight maybe?” and sirus and james are in the back just about pissing themselves laughing

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I don’t think you understand how much I love this

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I know people imagine Dumbledore laughing in his office about all the letters that get sent to Harry and all. But I think it was really Professor McGonagall. I think it’s infinitely more hilarious to consider her sending owl after owl to 4 Privet Drive, only to appear as a cat to watch in amusement. 


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james and lily being really confused about their feelings towards each other so they would both go to remus at different times

like one day james would talk about how pretty lily was and how happy he felt around her and then another day lily would tell remus how much she loved his goddamn hair and his laugh and everything about him and remus would just listen to everything and smile because he knew 

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Okay but listen me out for a second, can you imagine McGonagall’s expression when after let’s say 200 years on earth she finally goes up to Wizard Heaven and find out she has to spend  THE REST OF ETERNITY with the Marauders and the Weasley twins.


muggleborns putting on the macarena at hogwarts school discos and all dancing to it in the middle of the room and some of the purebloods are practicing at the side of the dancefloor and falling into each other

muggleborns putting charms on other students to make them say nothing but cheesy movie…

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harry hears his kids bragging about being the kids of harry potter so harry grabs them and sits them down and tells them “son, what you need to know is that we would have gotten exactly jack shit done without your aunt hermione. if you’re going to brag about relatives, brag about her.” 

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I bet all the muggleborns call the giant squid the kraken

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people who dont like remus lupin: 

  • dont exist
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